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Edward Warner

What is a B Corp and How is it Different?
Certified B Corps, like MPOWERD™, are for-profit companies that pledge to achieve social goals alongside their business goals. B Corps are assessed, certified and audited by the third-party nonprofit B Lab, which holds these companies to higher standards of accountability, transparency, and performance.
MPOWERD took the B Corp philosophy to heart from our very inception with the motto, “do good by doing well”. Aside from our long-running Give Luci® program (which allows people to gift lights to our global NGO partners at a discounted rate) altruism is built into the very structure of how we operate. Essentially, the higher our sales volume is in places like the US, the better we are able to sustainably deliver our products to developing markets – ultimately getting them into the hands of those that need them the most.
This Holiday Season, Give While You Shop MPOWERD
As this year’s historic People’s Climate March proved, people today do care and in fact feel quite strongly about fighting for a better world. With B Corps like MPOWERD, it’s now more convenient than ever for the average consumer to contribute meaningfully to social and environmental change.
And there’s no better time of year than the season of giving to make this happen. When you shop MPOWERD, you’ll find a unique gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Get a Luci Outdoor for those tireless cousins who camp and hike all summer and need a reliable and waterproof light for their adventures.  Or get a handful of color-changing Luci Auras (this year’s “holiday it-gift”) for the little ones or for the big ones off at school decorating their dorms. There really is a Luci for everyone.
Buy from a B Corp and feel good while you shop, knowing your purchases are helping make the world a better – and brighter – place. Here’s the link to do just that.

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