Luci OUTDOOR 2.0 BULK 6 pack

 Save by buying 6 Luci Outdoor 2.0 lanterns at a time.

 Outdoor 2.0 is our newest and most versatile Luci light yet. With more light settings, it's brighter than ever and longer lasting than the previous generation of Luci Outdoor. The new adjustable bottom strap lets you attach Luci anywhere without needing an extra hook. Just as lightweight, waterproof and durable as ever, it collapses down to just 1 inch, giving you plenty of room for all your camping, hiking, climbing, kayaking or do-anything gear. Completely solar powered, Luci Outdoor 2.0 keeps you out of the dark, no matter how far off the grid you go.


2 straps: adjustable bottom strap/fixed top strap • lasts up to 18 hours • 4 modes: low, bright, super bright, 1 sec flashing • 10.8 cm height, 12.7 cm diameter, 2.5 cm collapsed • charge level indicator • no batteries needed - just the sun.


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