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Luci Core
Luci Core
Luci Core
Luci Core
Luci Core

Luci Core

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Task light, emergency light, overhead light, Luci Core does it all. With its adjustable arm, you can direct light however you choose for up to 12 hours on a single charge. This rechargeable solar light shines wherever you need it. 

• Adjustable silicone arm
• 40 lumens
• Portable and lightweight
• Lasts 12 hours on a single charge
• Recharge via solar panel or quick charge via USB

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     Product features
    • Adjustable silicone arm. 35cm
    • 3 cool white LEDs
    • Built-in USB port for charging light
    • Durable
    • Lightweight: 78g
    • Splash proof: IPX4
    • Operating temp: 0ºC  – 45ºC

    Product functions
    • 3 modes: low, medium, high
    • 2 second quick shut off

    • Lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge
    • Recharges in 13 hours via sun and 1 hour via USB
    • Recharge via direct sunlight
    • Rechargeable 450 mAh Lithium Ferric battery
    • Overcharge and over discharge protection
    • Overcurrent and short circuit protection

    • Diameter: 10.1 cm
    • Height: 3 cm

    How does Luci work?
    Luci has three main components that make her work: (1) a solar panel that captures photons from sunlight or incandescent light; (2) a rechargeable internal battery that stores her power; and (3) 10 LED bulbs that produce her light.

    Does Luci need any additional parts, such as batteries or a charger?
    No – unlike some other solar lights, Luci does not require any additional parts, since her unit contains solar PV cells, a battery, and LED lights all in one.

    How does Luci charge?
    Luci’s solar panels charge when facing sunlight or incandescent light. In direct sunlight, Luci will fully charge in 8 hours. She will charge even when it’s cloudy outside, but it will take longer. To charge Luci in incandescent light, place the solar panel close to the light bulb – but not so close that it becomes hot. It will take longer than 8 hours to charge under incandescent light.

    How long does Luci stay illuminated after one full charge?
    When Luci is set on Bright (lowest light setting) she provides light for up to 12 hours after a full charge.

    How long does Luci last?
    Luci has 300-500 cycles of full charge, so the length of time she lasts depends on frequency of use. If you fully charge and fully discharge every single day, Luci lasts approximately 2 years. If used less frequently, she will last for many years.

    How much light does Luci produce?
    Luci delivers up to 65 lumens of light - which illuminates an area of about 10 square feet (1 square meter).

    If Luci is kept in an emergency supply kit, how often should she be recharged?
    When not in use, Luci holds a full charge for about three months. After that, she retains up to 50% of her charge for two years.

    What is the life span of Luci’s LED lights?
    The industry standard for LED light bulbs is at least 25,000 hours. The LEDs will not burn out during the life of a Luci lantern.

    Can Luci be kept outside?
    Yes and no.– despite her elegant appearance, most Luci can withstand extreme temperatures, wind, and rain. The String . Colour String and Core are only splash resistant.

    Can Luci be used in water?
    All the Luci models that are inflatable are rated to IP67. That is they are waterproof and can be used in water environments. The Luci String, Color string and Core are only splash resistant.

    Is there any risk of electric shock or burns from Luci?
    No – there is no risk of electric shock or burns with the Luci lantern.

    I am having trouble inflating Luci. What can I do?
    Luci has been developed with a special valve to prevent air leaking out through the inflation valve. In order to inflate Luci, this valve must be pinched to let air through. The valve can be pinched with your fingers or your teeth while blowing into the unit. To deflate Luci, pinch the valve again while compressing Luci to let air escape.

    For further technical details on Luci, please read the user manual:

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    lights out

    I bought my first Luci's 4 years ago and they finally wore out. Bought a coupla of Cores last August(2020-a bad year), charged them up properly and within 5 months, one of them failed. Luci replaced it, but I had to incur cost to ship it( ten bucks for an item worth $25). Bought another inflatable unit before Xmas and it lights perfectly, but won't hold air. hmmmmm. They don't make 'em like they used to. (it must be due to climate change, eh?)